Newly Formulated Herbal Supplement will Get You Back On Your Feet In 21 Days

Burnout is NOT stress; it's the place beyond stress and defined as the state of which demand has exceeded capacity... and it's a problem now more than ever.

My name is Maya, a fellow high-achiever who's hit burnout, not once, but three times.
Each time, the first thing I did was see my herbalist, Emily, who's formulas helped me to feel better, support my body's deficiencies and induce the renewal I needed to get back on my feet again.

I've teamed up with her to bring my fellow achievers in burnout the same formula. 

We are currently in the manufacturing stage and are looking for both feedback during the creation process and beta testers. (You don't have to do both!)

Want to beta test the product? Keep reading...

The Burnout Formula Ingredients

Chinese Herb Name / American Herb Name

  • Bai Zhu/ White Atractylodes
  • Fu Ling/ Poria
  • ISuan Zao Ren/ Sour Jujube Seed
  • ​Chai Hu/ Bupleurum Root
  • ​Bai Shao/ White peony
  • ​Huang Qi/ Astragalus Root
  • ​Dang Gui/ Angelica Root
  • ​Long Yan Rou/ Longan fruit
  • ​Mu Xiang/ Aucklandia Root
  • ​Ren Shen/ Ginseng Root
  • ​Gan Cao/ Licorice Root
  • ​Da Zao/ Chinese Date
  • ​Bo He/ Field mint
  • ​Yuan Zhi/ Polygala Root
  • ​Sheng Jiang/ Fresh Ginger root

Beta Requirements

We are looking for 25 people who are physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted and experiencing overwhelm and frustration who are willing to:

1. Take the herbal formula as directed. We will cover the cost of your first formula, which should be enough to start feeling better! After the first bottle we send you, you may purchase more at the cost of the herbs only (we make no profit), until the product is live on Amazon. 

(You may take the herbal formula for three to six months. During this time, you may pause other supplements (but do not have to!) - not medications - while you engage in healthy self-care practices. If you know you can commit to taking the herbs AND your supplements without forgetting, then you can take both. The results with Chinese herbs are almost immediate, within the first day or two. It is not recommended you take Chinese herbs longer than the recommended period of three to six months.)

2. You'll need to complete a survey twice - pre and post formula - which should take approxiamtely 10-15 minutes each.

3. We ask for product creation, business name and branding honest feedback as we will share this with you.

4. Once the herbal remedy is live on Amazon, should it have helped you, we ask you leave a (hopefully 5-star!) review. 

5. Lastly, we'll need your help on launch day (when the burnout remedy goes live). We will provide you with bonus coupons and more for both you and your friends to purchase.